Basic Chemicals, Saudi Arabia

Basic Chemicals Saudi Arabia Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of organic intermediates and inorganic basic chemicals.
  • Produces triethyl phosphate, phosphorus oxychloride, dye intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.
  • Custom synthesis of fluorine, silicon, and organic chemicals. Contact information, monthly specials, and online catalog.
  • Produces biocide, bromodode cane, phosphorous tribromide, sodium bromide, 2,2-bibromo-2-Nitroethanol(DBNE), and 1-benzyl hydantin.
  • Produces fine chemicals, inorganic chemicals and organic chemicals including curezol, glicoat, alborex, carbon disulfide, CMC, and neo-chlor.
  • Specializes in research, development and production of various organic, inorganic, and fine chemicals.
  • Company in China producing organosilicon products: silicone oils, emulsions, and derivatives, and silicone rubber products.
  • Develops and manufactures organosilicon and phosphorous acid products, including silicone resins, coatings, and oils, phosphorous acid, and potassium phosphite.
  • Producer of potassium carbonate, bicarbonate, potassium nitrate, and sorbate, ammonium chloride, and nanoscale titanium dioxide, as well as a range of chlorinated and
  • Manufacturer of carboxylic acid chlorides, as well as phosphorus trichloride and phosphorous acid, located in China.
  • Chemical manufacturer in India specializing in sodium acetate, also producing a range of other sodium salts, calcium butyrate, and fragrance chemical precursors.
  • Industrial chemical producer in India. Products include biocides, flocculants, oxygen scavengers, descaling chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, and viscosity reducers used
  • Producer of chloralkali chemicals, formaldehyde, phenylamines, and several organic biocides. Located in China.
  • Produces chemicals for the personal care and organosilicon industry in China, including surfactants, modified cellulose and guar gum, water soluble or dispersible
  • Manufactures alkyl chlorides and tin chlorides, as well as various organo-tin compounds and tin-based catalysts. Located in Germany.
  • Produces a range of silicone specialties, including silicone amines, phosphates, quaternary esters, polyethers, and fluorinated silicones, as well as defoamers,
  • Producer of paraffin chlorides, organic building blocks, and a diverse range of mineral products. Located in China.
  • Chemical supplier, importer, and exporter in China, carrying a diverse range of basic organic and inorganic chemicals.
  • Producer and worldwide distributor of industrial chemicals, located in Europe. Main product groups include acids and lyes, solvents, solid chemicals, and specialties.
  • Large-scale producer of thiourea dioxide, sodium percarbonate, and other bleaching agents in China. Other products include furfuryl chemicals, titanias, and