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  • Serving Leicestershire (UK). Includes information about co-ops.
  • Organization serving to promote Inuit and Dene owned businesses in Northern Manitoba, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories of Canada. Includes information about co-ops
  • Provides free and confidential business advice.
  • Nonprofit organization created and governed by the cooperative community of the Upper Midwest for the purpose of developing related businesses in all sectors of the
  • A UK co-operative partnership with a mission to empower communities to help organisations develop and improve their services through community development and
  • The Cooperative Branch of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The ILO is based in Geneva and is part of the UN system.
  • Educating and organizing a new generation of cooperators.
  • Clusters program is supervised by two government agencies, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the...Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. Industrial
  • , especially by those who plan to be part of the newly approved Cooperative Health Insurance. This recent...development in healthcare created a massive
  • , privately held companies and government-related agencies to help them identify and assess promising business..., including valuation of target companies,
  • in the development of OASIS on the ease-of-use of the Software with automated and flexible user.... Continuous Development Continuous updating &
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