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  • Offers adult basic education and training (ABET) solution to companies.
  • Teaches how to learn to read with speed, comprehension, and enjoyment through self-study courses, seminars, and in-house training.
  • A team of speakers, meeting facilitators, and business consultants that provide error prevention training.
  • A UK agency providing training on a range of current drugs issues. The agency can provide tailored training courses for organizations in the UK who work with drug users.
  • Training for seminar leaders and coaching certification, ready to go seminars for stress, selling, goal setting and support services and material.
  • The Silva Master Mind Seminar Training. A two-day seminar available on audio cassettes.
  • Corporate training and teacher training in different language areas.
  • Sells books and games created by teachers to improve classroom learning.
  • Sells Document Management Technology (DMT) software applications, business processes, management guides, textbooks and educational programs.
  • Specializes in the design and manufacture of teaching equipment for engineering education such as chemical, mechanical, electrical and control engineering.
  • Provide services and products including staff development and consulting, software and licenses, web design and hosting, and other instructional resources for schools
  • Represents professional standards boards, commissions and state departments of education and is dedicated to licensing well-prepared, safe and wholesome educators for
  • Provides e-learning consulting in the UK.
  • Custom designed and produced multimedia training products. FOT specializes in multimedia training, promotional and certification programs for CDROM, web and video.
  • Teaches and models principles and practices that promote effective learning through dialogue.
  • Offers interactive training, working sessions, and discussion seminars to provide insight and knowledge to address the challenges of working together.
  • Distributes books and educational materials to book stores, toy stores, specialty stores and other retail outlets, as well as public and school libraries. (Nasdaq: EDUC).
  • Supply a range of English learning products. includes product data, news, and support. Part of the CINAR Corporation .
  • Classroom instruction and consulting for business and education training.
  • Designs, develops and markets supplemental educational materials, including electronic learning aids, activity books, science kits, board games and other materials for
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