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  • Directory focusing on fuel cell technologies.
  • Develops fuel cells and related fuel processing technologies for the transportation, stationary and portable markets. Subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation.
  • Develops, manufactures, and markets PEM fuel cell products.
  • California corporation selling and installing hydrogen fuel cells for commercial and residential markets. Representative of Plug Power.
  • Developers of PEM fuel cells, offering membrane-electrode assemblies, research-scale fuel cell stacks, and gas diffusion electrodes.
  • Develops and markets solid oxide fuel cell systems for power backup and distributed power generation. Company profile, product information, and technology overview.
  • Australian company engaging the stationary power market with a solid oxide fuel cell design.
  • UK developer of compact mixed reactant fuel cell stacks for portable and small stationary power generation applications.
  • Supports corporations, educational institutions and business alliances that develop and promote fuel cell technology, products and services.
  • Manufactures extended run backup power fuel cell systems for applications in the telecommunications industry. .
  • Consulting service and commissioned fuel cell sales company, focusing on the Wisconsin area. Overview of market and applications.
  • Developer and producer of fuel cell systems presents its Galileo line of solid oxide fuel cells operating on natural gas. Overview of company, technology, and products.
  • Swiss developer and producer of solid oxide fuel cell stacks for use with hydrogen or reformate gas. Also offers oxygen-selective ceramic membranes.
  • Developer and producer of low pressure PEM fuel cell systems, in the 5-150 kW range. Also develops fuel cell propulsion systems. Located in Germany.
  • Manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells targeted at stationary power and transportation markets. Also offers steam-hydrocarbon reforming technology for upstream hydrogen
  • European firm manufacturing hydrogen, alcohol, ethanol and methanol fuel cell batteries. Company presentation and details of the technology.
  • Company specializing in alkaline fuel cell technology, derived from ammonia. Company profile, history, management, patents, publications and product catalog.
  • A Swedish firm which develops, manufactures and markets PEM fuel cells for back-up and niche applications. Company profile and products.
  • Manufacturer of zero-emission proton exchange membrane fuel cells.
  • Develops and markets carbonate fuel cell and advanced nickel zinc secondary battery. (Nasdaq: FCEL).
  • the fuel input converts to electric power output, leaving 72% of the original energy in the form of...Source Energy | CHP Trigeneration,
  • energy supply chain, including the: Production of technical gases, ingots, wafers, solar cells, modules...the Middle East. Solar Energy