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  • Astra _ Arab Supply and Trading Co. ZARA Investment Holding Company Ltd A Network of First Class...successfully broadened it's brief to tap the potential of the
  • Corporate Banking Global Trade & Advisory Business Structured Finance Murabaha Specific Investment STC Staff in "Internal Customer" Exhibition (18
  • development ARA: The Australian Retailers Association which jointly awards NHTI qualifications in retail ( institute specializing in
  • . TCB is used by the worlds largest mass market retail banks, who given their scale can achieve...and a cost/income ratio that is 7.2 points lower than
  • regulations in Saudi Arabia. Trade agreements Saudi Arabia is an active member in many trade organisations...developing economies; and it is a member
  • : trading, industry, services and investment. The achievements of Albawardi Group and its subsidiaries have.... Partnership with Albawardi Group ensures